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Solar Based Hydrogen Production

Principal Investigator: Dr. I. Dincer

Co-Investigator: Dr. G. Naterer

This project aims to develop, fabricate and test the engineering equipment needed to scale up a new photosynthetic light-driven process that uses solar energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The process is more efficient and promises lower-cost production of hydrogen than other existing technologies. It uses specially designed molecular complexes in a substrate material for incoming photons to transfer electrons to a central reaction site, which then catalyzes or facilitates a water-splitting process. This project aims to scale up the process to larger capacities of hydrogen production with engineering lab-scale equipment. In addition, it will analyze the system operation and perform thermodynamic optimization studies to improve its performance.

Dr. G. Naterer, Professor

Solar based hydrogen production

Hydrogen production lab

Solar Photochemical Research Facility