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Marnoch Thermal Power

Marnoch Thermal Power is engaged in the research and development of clean and sustainable thermal energy conversion from abundantly available and benign heat sources, and the optimization and commercialization of their patented technology.

Marnoch works with industrial partners engaged in power generation and distribution, and end users who can benefit from direct generation for their own use.

Marnoch’s motivation is to provide clean energy to meet the demands of the global community and in doing so, reverse the negative effects of the fossil fuels that have been the mainstay of power generation since the industrial revolution.

Marnoch’s team of engineers, and researchers at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology are dedicated to making a better environment a reality.

The next generation prototype, built in the Clean Energy Research Laboratory (CERL), at U.O.I.T., will allow Marnoch the ability to emulate most of the intended applications in the various climatic conditions around the globe and also provide showcase demonstrations of the technology.